De-Noise: Detail Aware Wavelet-based Noise Reduction

The De-Noise module offers detail-aware, astro-specific noise reduction, which, paired with StarTools' Tracking feature, yields results that have no equal.

Whereas generic noise reduction routines and plug-ins for terrestrial photography are often optimised to detect and enhance geometric patterns and structures in the face of random noise, the De-Noise module is optimised to do the opposite and optimise patterns and structures that are non-geometric in nature in the face of random noise (as well as read noise).

When used in conjunction with StarTools' 'Tracking' feature which data mines every decision and noise evolution per-pixel during the user's processing, the results that De-Noise is able to deliver autonomously are absolutely unparalleled. The extremely targeted noise reduction that is provided in this case, can only be approximated in other software by spending many hours creating a noise mask by hand.

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