Sharp: Wavelet-based Detail Aware Structural Detail Sharpening

StarTools' Detail-aware Wavelet Sharpening allows you to bring out faint structural detail in your images.

Other Wavelet Sharpening implementations can often drown out other fine detail because of different frequency ranges competing for the modification of the same pixel - in those implementations, the different scales (bands) interfere with each other and are not aware of the sort of detail you are trying to bring out.

Uniquely, StarTools' Wavelet Sharpening gives you control over how detail enhancements across different scales interact. Apart from traditional parameters like controlling the strength of the detail enhancement per band, StarTools allows you to be the arbiter when two scales (bands) are competing to enhance detail in their band for the same pixel.

As with all modules in StarTools, the Wavelet Sharpening module will never allows you to clip your data, always yielding useful results, no matter how outrageous the values you choose, while availing of the Tracking feature's data mining. The latter makes sure that, contrary to other implementations, only detail that has sufficient signal is emphasised, while noise grain propagation is kept to a minimum.

Using StarTools' Auto Mask Generator, stars are automatically left alone. And, best of all, the complete algorithm is so fast that results are calculated in virtually real-time, while the interface couldn't be more user friendly.

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